Insects in Russian

In this lesson we will learn new words in Russian on the topic: Insects.

Perform the following exercises in sequence. These exercises will help you to quickly learn and remember new words in Russian. Don't forget to repeat from time to time.
Good luck.

1. First of all repeat after announcer.
2. And then check if you remember everything.
3. Once again.
4. Listen to the words and remember what it is.
5. Take a pen and a piece of paper. You'll write a dictation.
6. And at the end, check the dictation.

New words in Russian

Insects - Насекомые

Moth - Моль

Ant - Муравей

Bee - Пчела

Mosquito - Комар

Caterpillar - Гусеница

Dragonfly - Стрекоза

Grasshopper - Кузнечик

Centipede - Сороконожка

Beetle - Жук

Ladybug - Божья коровка

Flea - Блоха

Fly - Муха

Snail - Улитка

Cockroach - Таракан

Spider - Паук

Mantis - Богомол

Butterfly - Бабочка