In this lesson we will learn new words in Turkish on the topic: Illnesses.

Perform the following exercises in sequence. These exercises will help you to quickly learn and remember new words in Turkish. Don't forget to repeat from time to time.
Good luck.

1. First of all repeat after announcer.
2. And then check if you remember everything.
3. Listen to the words and remember what it is.
4. Take a pen and a piece of paper. You'll write a dictation.
5. And at the end, check the dictation.

Illnesses in Turkish. Being sick is no fun, especially when you don't speak the language! Learn the Turkish words to use when sick in this FREE Turkish lesson! In today’s lesson we will learn some useful Turkish phrases describing health problems, althought we hope you’ll never have to use them. After this lesson you’ll be able to say if you’re not feeling well, and recognize the Turkish words for illnesses.

In this lesson, we will learn new words about illnesses in Turkish. As you learn new words, repeat the words you learned earlier. At the same time, you need to use the words you learned in Turkish regularly. Thanks for watching. Good luck

New words in Turkish

Illness - Hastalık

Cancer - Kanser

Pneumonia - Zatürre

Diabetes - Diabet

Jaundice - Sarılık

Gangrene - Kangren

Bruise - Morluk

Fracture - Kırık

Anesthesia - Anestezi

Headache - Baş ağrısı

Backache - Bel ağrısı

Sunburn - Güneş yanığı

Stomach ache - Karın ağrısı

Cold - Nezle

Fever - Ateş

Diarrhea - İshal

Flu - Grip

Cough - Öksürük

Heart attack - Kalp krizi

Measles - Kızamık

Poisoning - Zehirlenme

Rash - Döküntü

Sore throat - Boğaz ağrısı

Ulcer - Ülser

Runny nose - Burun akması

Heartburn - Mide yanması

Wound - Yara

Rheumatism - Romatizma

Hernia - Fıtık

Sick - Hasta

Prescription - Reçete