Car parts

In this lesson we will learn new words in Russian on the topic: Car parts.

Perform the following exercises in sequence. These exercises will help you to quickly learn and remember new words in Russian. Don't forget to repeat from time to time.
Good luck.

1. First of all repeat after announcer.
2. And then check if you remember everything.
3. Listen to the words and remember what it is.
4. Take a pen and a piece of paper. You'll write a dictation.
5. And at the end, check the dictation.

Car parts in Russian.In this lesson we will learn new Russian words on the topic of car parts in Russian. We will learn how to name car parts in Russian, how to write them in Russian and how to pronounce them correctly in Russian.

In this video, I will teach you different parts of a car in Russian! Maybe you can't save the world, but you can save a conversation by talking about car parts. We will help you learn car parts in Russian with the more than enjoyable video lesson.

Via our course listeners learn pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar of a Russian language without the need of a textbook. Convenient to use while driving, working out... or anywhere!

New words in Russian

Car - Машина

Wheel - Колесо

Steering wheel - Руль

Brake - Тормоз

Trunk - Багажник

Battery - Аккумулятор

Bumper - Бампер

Headlight - Передняя фара

Taillight - Задний свет

Dashboard - Приборная панель

Speed - Скорость

Hood - Капот

Sunroof - Люк

Fuel - Топливо

Engine - Двигатель

Transmission - Коробка передач

Exhaust pipe - Выхлопная труба

Suspension - Подвеска

Windshield - Ветровое стекло