Anatomy in Russian

In this lesson we will learn new words on the topic: Human anatomy in Russian.

Words in Russian about human anatomy

Words in Russian about human anatomy.

In order to expand our vocabulary about human anatomy in Russian, we also need to learn this lesson also. Of course, when we go to the doctor, we cannot explain our pain to the doctors without knowing the names of the parts of the body. In this lesson we will learn new words about human anatomy in Russian. In the last lesson we learned the names of human organs in Russian.

So let's talk a little bit about our body. How often in our daily conversation do we have to mention our own or someone else's body parts? For example, it is often difficult to immediately remember how to pronounce the backbone or chest in Russian. The subject of human anatomy in Russian is very large, because it covers not only parts of the body, but also parts of the face, arms, legs and even internal organs. We learned the words about body parts in Russian in one of our previous lessons. In this lesson, we will also touch on new words in Russian that we do not know about body parts. We hope that after learning this lesson, you will have no trouble telling what happened and where you have a pain in a situation where you need medical help while on vacation or traveling for other reasons in Russian-speaking countries. We hope you will not face such a situation. But if that happens, this knowledge can save your life or the life of a friend of yours.

First of all, with the words included in the dictionary of this lesson, you can easily describe your appearance and the appearance of your friends in Russian. Imagine such a situation; you went on vacation to Russia with a friend. You lost him on the city tour. You ask the guide if he has seen your friend. How can you ask that? After all, the guide has a large number of tourists. Of course, words on human anatomy in Russian will help you.

anatomy in Russian

Human anatomy in Russian

Sayings on human anatomy in Russian.

"Боязливому по ухо — смелому по колено." - For fearful up to ear - for brave up to knee. (According to this proverb - a coward sees a problem or action as a terrible thing, it is so terrible that it is impossible to approach. She is scared to the ears. But to a brave man, the problem does not seem so terrible, as if the river would be only knee-deep, not wet at all.)

"Душа в пятки ушла." - The soul went into the heels. (In the sense of fear, excitement.)

"Водить за нос." - Lead by the nose. (to deceive, mislead, to cheat) (This metaphor arose from the fact that animals were guided by a ring through their nostrils.)

"Седина в бороду, а бес в ребро." - Gray in the beard, and the devil in the rib. (Saying about the old men who fall in love.)

"У каждого - свой скелет в шкафу." - Everyone has their own skeleton in the closet.

"Когда у девушки нет других достоинств, то веснушки — прелесть." - When a girl has no other virtues, then freckles are lovely. (When a person does not have any abilities, skills, beauty, or other advantages, the things that is not superior or considered a sign of beauty, but because those signs are in that person, they are valued as abilities, skills and beauty.)

"Сытых глаз под веком нет." - There are no well-fed eyes under the eyelid. (Saying about greedy men.)

Spelling and pronunciation words about human anatomy in Russian.

[ анат`ом’ий’а ] Anatomy
[ ступн’а ] Sole
[ падм`ышка ] Armpit
[ в’ис`ок ] Temple
[ пазван`оч’ник ] Backbone
[ лап`атка ] Scapula
[ т’иласлаж`эн’ий’э ] Build
[ галавн`ой’ м`озк ] Cerebrum
[ кл’уч’`ица ] Clavicle
[ п’ищ’ивар’`эн’ий’э ] Digestion
[ в’`эка ] Eyelid
[ в’исн`ушка ] Freckle
[ п`ах ] Groin
[ гарт`ан’ ] Larynx
[ зат`ылак ] Nape
[ й’агад’ицы ] Buttocks
[ п’ищ’ив`от ] Oesophagus
[ т`ас ] Pelvis
[ грудн`ай’а кл’`этка ] Chest
[ р’ибр`о ] Rib
[ к’иш`эч’ник ] Bowels
[ ск’ил’`эт ] Skeleton
[ р`оды ] Accouchement
[ м’ин’д`ал’ина ] Tonsil
[ мач’а ] Urine
[ барад`афка ] Wart
[ м`оч’ка уха ] Earlobe
[ к`опч’ик ] Tailbone
[ з`адн’ий’ прах`от ] Anus

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