In this lesson we will learn new words in Russian on the topic: Illnesses.

Illnesses Russian vocabulary

Illnesses in Russian. Being sick is no fun, especially when you don't speak the language! Learn the Russian words to use when sick in this FREE Russian lesson! In today’s lesson we will learn some useful Russian phrases describing health problems, althought we hope you’ll never have to use them. After this lesson you’ll be able to say if you’re not feeling well, and recognize the Russian words for illnesses.

In this lesson, we will learn new words about illnesses in Russian. As you learn new words, repeat the words you learned earlier. At the same time, you need to use the words you learned in Russian regularly. Thanks for watching. Good luck

New words in Russian

Illness - Болезнь

Cancer - Рак

Pneumonia - Пневмония

Diabetes - Сахарный диабет

Jaundice - Желтуха

Gangrene - Гангрена

Bruise - Синяк

Fracture - Перелом

Anesthesia - Наркоз

Headache - Головная боль

Backache - Боль в спине

Sunburn - Солнечный ожог

Stomach ache - Боль в желудке

Cold - Простуда

Fever - Жар

Diarrhea - Понос

Flu - Грипп

Cough - Кашель

Heart attack - Инфаркт

Measles - Корь

Poisoning - Отравление

Rash - Сыпь

Sore throat - Боль в горле

Ulcer - Язва

Runny nose - Насморк

Heartburn - Изжога

Wound - Рана

Sprain - Растяжение

Rheumatism - Ревматизм

Hernia - Грыжа

Sick - Больной

Prescription - Рецепт