Wild animals in Russian

In this lesson we will learn new words on the topic: Wild animals in Russian.

Names of wild animals in Russian

In this lesson, we have prepared a lesson about wild animals in Russian. In the previous lesson we learned The names of domestic animals in Russian. Of course, in order to expand our vocabulary in Russian about animals, we also need to know the names of wild animals in Russian.

Animals in Russian is "звери". Accordingly, in Russian, wild animals are called "дикие звери" or "дикие животные". The natural habitats of nimals which includes to this category are forests, safaries, savannas, reservoirs, etc. Most of us meet these animals only in zoos and circuses. Of course, even if you have no plans visit safari, knowing the names of some well-known wild and exotic animals in Russian will not hurt you. Another advantage of knowing the names of wild animals in Russian is the ability to use figurative sentences. Otherwise, how can you tell your interlocutor in Russian that your boss is ruled like a lion, or that your colleagues are as wise as a snake? After this lesson you will be able to talk in Russian about rare animals that you do not see every day. Of course, many of these wild animals are now even kept at home, such as monkeys, iguanas, gazelles, deer, various lizards and snakes. Despite the fact that the snakes are kept in boxes made from glass like aquariums, but in any case, the fact that a snake lives with you in your home can disturb your sleep. I'm not even talking about Arabs keeping lions and leopards in their homes. In any case, these animals are wild animals, and we will learn their names of these wild animals in Russian in the category of wild animals.

Learning the names of wild animals in Russian can be a fun excuse to take a break from the more tedious parts of learning Russian, such as, Russian grammar. To learn the words related to the dictionary of wild animals in Russian, click on the play button next to each word to hear the names of wild animals in Russian and their pronunciation in Russian!

The names of wild animals in Russian

Wild animals in Russian

Proverbs related to wild animals in Russian

"Старый волк знает толк." - The old wolf knows a lot. (Corresponding with the phrase: "The devil knows many things because he is old.")

"Не убив медведя, шкуру не продавай." - Don't sell the skin, before killing the bear. (Corresponding with the phrase: "Count one's chickens before they are hatched." This proverb is usually used in negative statements to mean that someone should not depend on something hoped for until he or she knows for certain that it will happen.)

"С волками жить – по - волчьи выть." - To live with wolves is to howl like a wolf. (Corresponding with the phrase: "If you live with wolves learn to howl.")

"Волк предложил пасти овец бесплатно." - The wolf offered to graze the sheep for free.

"Два медведя в одной берлоге не уживутся." - Two bears in the same den will not get along. (Corresponding with the phrase: "This town ain’t big enough for the two of them")

"Видит волк козу — забыл и грозу." - A wolf sees a goat, has forgotten the storm.

"Волк для овец плохой пастух." - A wolf is a bad shepherd for sheep.

"Каждая лиса свой хвост нахваливает." - Each fox praises its tail.

"Мартышка и без хвоста всё равно мартышка." - A monkey without a tail is still a monkey.

"Не первую зиму волку зимовать." - This is not the first winter for a wolf to spend.

"С медведем дружись, а за ружье держись." - Make friends with the bear, but hold on to the gun. (Corresponding with the phrase: "I fear Greeks even when bringing gifts")

Spelling and pronunciation of wild animals in Russian.

[ д’`ик’ий’э жыв`отный’э ] Wild animals
[ м’идв’`эт’ ] Bear
[ з’`эбра ] Zebra
[ в`олк ] Wolf
[ в’ирбл’`ут ] Camel
[ ч’ир’ип`аха ] Turtle
[ кракад’`ил ] Crocodile
[ т’`игр ] Tiger
[ л’`эф ] Lion
[ л’иап`арт ] Leopard
[ пан’т’`эра ] Panther
[ л’иса ] Fox
[ ал’`эн’ ] Deer
[ л`ос’ ] Elk
[ сл`он ] Elephant
[ жыр`аф ] Giraffe
[ б’иг’им`от ] Hippopotamus
[ насар`ок ] Rhinoceros
[ й’ащ’ир’ица ] Lizard
[ зм’ий’а ] Snake
[ л’иг`ушка ] Frog
[ пал’`арный’ м’идв’`эт’ ] Polar bear
[ к’ингур`у ] Kangaroo
[ аб’из’й’ана ] Monkey
[ з`ай’иц ] Hare
[ б’`элка ] Squirrel
[ й’ош ] Hedgehog
[ м`ыш ] Mouse
[ кр`ыса ] Rat

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