In this lesson we will learn new words in Turkish on the topic: Doctors.

Doctor speciality names in Turkish

This lesson deals with the Turkish healthcare system and Turkish medicine. Learn the words you need to know when visiting a Turkish doctor, or when you end up in a Turkish hospital. The vocabulary of this Turkish course is selected based on frequency statistics and basic words to learn a language; added with some specific words you absolutely need to know when travelling to Turkey.

New words in Turkish

Health - Sağlık

Doctor - Doktor

Patient - Hasta

Nurse - Hemşire

Pregnant - Hamile

Midwife - Ebe

Ophthalmologist - Göz doktoru

Pediatrician - Çocuk doktoru

Surgeon - Cerrah

Dentist - Dişçi

Psychiatrist - Psikiyatrist

Throat specialist - Kulak, burun, boğaz doktoru

Dermatologist - Dermetolog