In this lesson we will learn new words in Turkish on the topic: Pharmacy.

Pharmacy in Turkish

Dear students! Have you ever been to a pharmacy in Turkey? Our new lesson will help you to learn some useful words and phrases related to this topic. Today we are going to learn more words and phrases that might come in handy in a pharmacy. Good luck!

Are you wondering how to say "Pharmacy" in Turkish? "Pharmacy" is the equivalent to Eczane in Turkish, and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard it many times before already.

Getting sick when abroad is no fun. Having to take care of yourself is no fun either. However, when the situation arises, a fast recuperation would be ideal. So how do you describe your symptoms and communicate your questions? Let's take a look.

So, you’ve come to Turkey. You’ve had some excursions, visited museums, taken pictures of the main local sights and tasted local delicacies.

And all would be fine, but suddenly you aren’t feeling so good. Then you realize: you urgently need to visit a pharmacy.

In some pharmacies, the pharmacists speak English. These pharmacies are mainly located in the central parts of the big cities and have signs saying "We speak English." However, if you aren’t lucky enough to find such a pharmacy, then you’ll need to go to a Turkish speaking one and explain your problem.

Here are some words in Turkish that will help you.

New words in Turkish

Pharmacy - Eczane

Ache - Ağrı

Diagnosis - Teşhiz

Thermometer - Termometre

Crutches - Koltuk değenekleri

Bandage - Sarqı bezi

Medicine - İlaç

Painkiller - Ağrıkesici

Pill - Hap

Syringe - Şırınga