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Education in Turkey is governed by a national system established under Atatürk's reforms after the Turkish War of Independence. It is a state-controlled system designed to create a qualified professional class for the country's socio-economic institutions. Compulsory education in Turkey lasts 12 years. Primary and secondary education in Turkey is publicly funded and free of charge in public schools from ages 6 to 18. Secondary or high school education in Turkey is not required, but is required for admission to universities. By 2011, there were 166 universities in Turkey. With the exception of the Faculty of Open Education " Açıköğretim Fakültesi " at Anadolu University, admission is regulated by the state exam ÖSYS, after which high school graduates enter, according to their academic performance.

school supplies in Turkish

Turkish vocabulary for school supplies

But first of all, we need to learn words on the topic Turkish vocabulary for school supplies. The topic School supplies in Turkish is studied at the school in fact at the very beginning of teaching the Turkish language. This is due to the fact that the items whose names we are studying are in the backpacks of every child and even in everyone at home. In our lesson, you will find the names of the main school supplies in Turkish and their translation, which are commonly used by schoolchildren and students.

Learning a foreign language plays a big role all over the world. It surrounds people everywhere: on the Internet, at work, at airports, in other countries. That is why one cannot do without his knowledge now. To prepare you for the curriculum, you are provided with practical assignments on the topic: Words in Turkish about school and school supplies.

It is very important for kids and for adult beginners to start learning with easier and more understandable words. That is why school supplies in Turkish in assignments are a great way to interest and introduce students to the learning process. Thanks to the pictures, children will be able to form associations that will make it easier to learn Turkish in the future. Just an hour a day to study Turkish will allow you to take the level of the language to a new level in the future.

Words about school in Turkish

Words about school supplies in Turkish

Turkish proverbs about school

"Çok okuyan bilmez, çok gezen bilir." - The one who travels a lot knows more, than who reads a lot.

"Mektebi asmak" - hang the school (do not go to school without permission, do not attend classes)

"Mektep medrese görmüş" - (man) has seen a school and madrasa ( educated person )

"Okumayanı sevmeyene dokuz hoca az." - Nine teachers is not enough for those who do not like to study. ( If a child has no desire to learn, no matter how many teachers he has, he will not be able to acquire knowledge.)

"Kalem kılıçtan üstündür" - The pen is greater than the sword ( People do a much more important job with knowledge than with swords. The sword provides violence and fighting, while the pen provides education. Therefore, the pen is greater than the sword.)

"Bilgisiz insan davula benzer, sesi çok çıkar ama içi boştur" - An ignorant person is like a drum, loud but hollow.

Turkish words related to school with audio pronunciation

Pencil case
Exercise book

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