Domestic animals in Azerbaijani

In this lesson we will continue learning new words in Azeri on the topic: Names of domestic animals in the Azerbaijani language.

Farm animals in Azerbaijani

How to learn Azerbaijani language quickly?

A foreign language does not only consist of grammar, so the study of words should go in parallel with the study of grammar. If "You don’t learn new words - you don’t learn the language", I suggest that you take this as a given and not feel negative emotions about it. Plus, when you know some of the rules, word learning becomes quick and effective. The most effective technique for memorizing words is spaced repetition. The point is to return to memorized words at ever-increasing intervals - from a few days to several weeks. At the end of the 19th century, psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus described the "forgetting curve" and proved that the rate of forgetting information decreases after each repetition. I think the question How to learn Azerbaijani language quickly? - this is most likely wrong question. All languages, including the Azerbaijani language, need to be learned regularly and a significant amount of time should be devoted not only to learning grammar, but also to new words and their repetitions from time to time. On our website in the section Azerbaijani lessons you can learn Azerbaijani in the easiest way. The lessons are very intelligibly explained by the teacher of the native speaker.

And so, as we said, when studying a language, you must first learn the words in this language. When learning words in the Azerbaijani language, it is better to start with simple words that are used in daily conversation. The topic domestic animals in Azerbaijani is one of them. We advise you to consistently repeat the words as it is said in the video lesson, as this is a proven technique in memorizing the learned words in Azerbaijani.

Domestic animals in the Azerbaijani language

Domestic animals in Azerbaijani

Azerbaijani proverbs about domestic animals.

"Eşşək nə bilir zəfəran nədir?" - How does a donkey know what saffron is? ( This proverb is used to humiliate people who are far from any knowledge, intelligence and culture. )

"Pişiyin əli ətə çatmayanda deyir iy verir." - The cat calls the meat bad smelled which she can't reach. (It is a proverb used when a person denigrates something that he normally wants but cannot reach. )

"Hürən it dişləməz." - Barking dogs seldom bite.

"Pişik ölüb, siçanların bayramıdır." - The cat died and it is a holiday of mice.

"Atlar təpişir, arada eşşəklər əzilir." - Horses scramble, donkeys are trampled in between. ( The meaning of the proverb is that strong people fight each other. From this, the weak among them suffer. )

"Qoyun can dərdində qəssab ət dərdində" - Sheep is in trouble of life, butcher is in trouble of meat. ( This proverb defines people who have a conflict of interest in the society. According to the proverb, while some people deal with big issues, some only think about their interests. )

"İt hürər kervan keçər" - The dog barks, but the caravan goes on. ( It is said to mean that those who walk on the right path cannot prevent the attack of vile people. )

"Siçan görəndə pələngə dönən pişik, pələng görəndə siçana dönər." - A cat that turns into a tiger when it sees a mouse, turns into a mouse when it sees a tiger.

"Özgə atına minən tez düsər." - Riding someone else's horse, you can quickly get off. ( This proverb says that it is better to have your own than to use other people's things. )

Spelling and pronunciation of the names of domestic animals in Azerbaijani language.

Domestic animals

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