Human anatomy in Azerbaijani

In this lesson we will learn new words in Azerbaijani on the topic: Human anatomy.

Anatomy in Azerbaijani

Today's topic is human anatomy in Azerbaijani. Of course, without knowing the names of the parts of the body when we go to the doctor, we cannot explain the problems in our body to the doctors. In our previous lessons, we learned the names of a number of human organs in the Azerbaijani language. In this lesson, we will expand our vocabulary on human anatomy in the Azerbaijani language. We hope that this lesson on human anatomy in the Azerbaijani language will not be boring for you.

So let's talk a little bit about our body. How often do we have to mention our own or someone else's body parts in our daily conversation? For example, it is often difficult to immediately remember how is named the neck or chest in Azerbaijani. The subject of human anatomy in Azerbaijani is very broad, because it covers not only parts of the body, but also parts of the face, arms, legs and even internal organs. We learned the words about internal organs while talking about human organs in Azerbaijani language. In this lesson, we will touch on new words that we do not know about the internal organs. We hope that after learning this lesson, you will have no trouble telling what happened and where you have a pain in a situation where you need medical help while on vacation in Azerbaijan or traveling for other reasons. We hope you will not face such a situation. But if that happens, this knowledge can save your life or the life of your friend.

First of all, with the dictionary of this lesson, you can easily describe your appearance and the appearance of your friends in Azerbaijani language. Imagine such a situation, you went on vacation to Azerbaijan with your friend. You lost him on the city tour. You ask the guide if he has seen your friend. How can you ask that? After all, the guide has a large number of tourists. Of course, an Azerbaijani dictionary on human anatomy will help you.

While learning the Azerbaijani language, you will sooner or later come across the subject of human body parts. By learning the words on human anatomy in Azerbaijani as well as the expressions and idioms associated with these words, you will be able to easily describe yourself and others in the Azerbaijani language, feel comfortable in a barber shop, and, as we have said, at the Azerbaijani doctor.

Anatomy in Azerbaijani

Human anatomy in Azerbaijani

Idioms on the subject of human anatomy in the Azerbaijani language.

"Sənin başın qoltuqaltı görməyib." - Your head has not seen the armpit. (This idiom is based on the fact that a person who commits arbitrariness has not yet been punished for his actions.)

"Beynim çöndü." - My brain turned away. (This idiom is used to describe that person get very angry. Getting so nervous that you can't control yourself, falling into a state of affect)

"Söz həzm etmək" - To digest words (In the sense of enduring someone's insults)

"Qabırğa olmaq (kiməsə)" - Be a rib (of some one) (to do something at someone's expense.)

Writing and pronunciation of words on human anatomy in Azerbaijani.


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