Human anatomy in Azeri

In this lesson we will continue learning new words in Azeri on the topic: Human anatomy.

Anatomy in the Azerbaijani language

Human anatomy is an amazing and most interesting section of biology, which reveals to medical professionals all their goals and intentions. Knowledge of human anatomy is not only necessary for a physician, but also necessary. Does an ordinary person need knowledge of anatomy? Of course, it is necessary, maybe not to the same extent as a physician, but at least a basic basis. And of course, if you decide to study the Azerbaijani language, then you will definitely need to know words on the topic of anatomy in the Azerbaijani language. In the previous lesson, we have already learned some words on anatomy in Azerbaijani. And in this lesson, we will also add new words on our vocabulary on the topic of anatomy in Azerbaijani.

Knowledge of anatomy in the Azerbaijani language in everyday life will help to act correctly in an extreme situation when you are in Azerbaijan. The correct provision of first aid before the arrival of doctors can play an important role in saving a person. In order to maintain their health, to protect themselves from various diseases, each person must study his body, be familiar with its structure and functions of the whole organism. A healthy person is a balanced, happy person who studies with pleasure and works well. It is important to remember that Health is a state of complete physical, spiritual and social well-being, and not just the absence of diseases and physical defects.

In recent years, Azerbaijan Medical University has been actively cooperating with various international organizations, establishing relations with universities in other states, and rather intensively introducing itself into the international educational area. Students from other countries are trained exclusively in the Azerbaijani language, for the first year they master only the language, only after that they begin to study medicine. But it would be better to know in advance the words on anatomy in Azerbaijani.

words on anatomy in Azerbaijani

Anatomy in the Azerbaijani language

Proverbs and idioms on the subject of human anatomy in the Azerbaijani language.

"Gözümün bəbəyi" - The pupil of my eye (Lovely one. A phrase used to mean that someone is dear to him.)

"Boğaz boydan alçaqdır." - The throat is lower than height. (This proverb is used to indicate that spirituality is more important than materialism.)

"Çənə döymək" - Beat the jaw (Blather, chatter vainly)

"Ürəyində xal qalmaq" - Have a mole in the heart (To be in doubt)

"Göbəyi (haradasa) kəsilmək" - Cut the navel (somewhere) (A proverb used in the sense of always going to the same place or being in the same place.)
"Eldar hər gün bizə gəlir. Elə bil göbəyini bizdə kəsiblər.
"Eldar comes to us every day. It's as if they cut his navel in us.

"Ovucunun içini iyləmək" - Smell the inside of the palm (This proverb is used in cases where a person cannot possibly know anything. But, he is asked this. Then they use this proverb in response.)
"Orxan hardadır?
Dedim axı bilmirəm. Hardan bilim? Ovcumun içini iyləyim?

"Where is Orkhan?
I said I don't know. How can I know? Should I smell the inside of my palm?

"Topuğuna tüpürmək" - Spit on the ankle (To run in excitement, to disappear)

Writing and pronunciation of words on anatomy in Azerbaijani.

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