Flowers in Azerbaijani

In this lesson we will learn the topic of flower names in the Azerbaijani language. While expanding our vocabulary of flora in the Azerbaijani language, it is important to know the names of plants in the Azerbaijani language, which we learned in the previous lesson.

Names of flowers in Azeri

Names of flowers in Azeri

For those who learn words in Azerbaijani, it will be interesting to learn how to assemble a bouquet, how to understand what you need in a flower shop, and just learn the names of flowers in Azerbaijani. We will talk about all this in this article. We will introduce flowers in Azerbaijani in the form of exercises, as shown in the video, so that words in Azerbaijani can be remembered faster and easier.

Flowers can be divided into three main types: field, decorative and indoor. Azerbaijanis love them very much. In many Azerbaijani cities you will find very beautiful flower beds right on the streets. And the Azerbaijani language is replete with beautiful names of flower plants. So, let's get acquainted with the names of flowers in Azerbaijani.

Imagine that very soon you have a festive event planned, you need to congratulate someone. The most versatile, but also the most pleasant gift is flowers! Most often they are given to women, but sometimes it is also permissible for a man to receive a beautiful bouquet if it is his birthday or a significant event. These can be options such as carnations "qərənfil", tulips "tulpan" or field daisies "çobanyastığı". So, you came to the flower shop and you need a bouquet. In this case, you need to know the names of flowers in Azerbaijani and their translation into English in order to correctly choose what you need, what to ask, etc. in a flower shop.

Names of the flowers in the Azerbaijani language

Flowers in Azerbaijani

Azerbaijan is a mountainous country and is rich in various types of plants. Flowers are no exception. There are many types of flowers in Azerbaijan, and some of them even grow only in Azerbaijan. An example is the "Xarıbülbül" (Kharibulbul) flower, which grows only in Karabakh, the ancient cultural region of Azerbaijan. The Latin name is "ophrys caucasica" or "ophrys mammosa". As it is widespread in Shusha and surrounding areas, it is mostly expressed by Karabakh. Since the beginning of the Karabakh conflict, Kharibulbul has become a symbol of the struggle of the Azerbaijani people. After the occupation of Karabakh by armenians, Kharibulbul may have been a symbol of grief, sorrow, pain and longing for many. When the expression Kharibulbul was used in culture, art and literature, it was always clear that the conversation was about Karabakh. It is accepted in Azerbaijan as a symbol of the memory of soldiers dead in the Second Karabakh War. It is also known as a symbol of victory of the Azerbaijani army against the armenian terror.

Of course, all plants have a universally recognized scientific name. But different languages have different names for flowers. Some are borrowed from foreign languages. But the names of flowers are different in various nations languages. There are flower names in Azerbaijani that are original and not found in other languages.

"Çobanyastığı" ( Chamomile )

As we said earlier Azerbaijan is a mountainous country and there are a various types of field flowers wich grows in mountains. The word "Çobanyastığı" is a compound word formed from a combination of two words - "Çoban" ( shepherd ) and "yastıq" ( pillow ), and ranslates into English as a "shepherd's pillow". These flowers, which cover the mountains and pastures of Azerbaijan like a carpet, have become a kind of pillow replacement for shepherds in the mountains. Of course, this is a metaphorical name given to this flower by the Azeri people.

"Qarğasoğanı" ( Gladiolus )

The word "Qarğasoğanı" is also a compound word formed from a combination of two words - "qarğa" ( crow ) and "soğan" ( onion ), and ranslates into English as a "crow's onion". This flower is so named because it resembles an onion. But what about the crow?

"Novruzgülü" ( Snowdrop )

The compound "Novruzgülü" formed from a combination of two words - "Novruz" ( the name of national holiday ) and "gül" ( flower ). This flower was named Novruz flower because it was opened on the eve of Novruz holiday. Novruz acquired official status in the Achaemenid Empire as a religious holiday of Zoroastrianism. It continues to be celebrated everywhere after the Arab conquests, up to the present. In modern times, it is celebrated on the days that fall on the spring equinox. It should be noted that Novruz is celebrated in the Middle East only by representatives of those peoples who lived there before the arrival of the Arabs, the spread of Islam and the emergence of the Arab Caliphate. Accordingly, Novruz, for example, is not celebrated by the Arabs. In Turkey, from 1925 to 1991, the celebration of Novruz was officially banned. In Syria, the celebration of Novruz is still prohibited.
According to the legend in Azerbaijani folklore, Novruz and roses are eternal lovers. The Novruz flower opens in early spring, and the rose opens two months later. That's why they can't see each other. There is a belief in Azerbaijani folklore that someone who conveys these two flowers to each other will be in paradise. It is based on a special belief that Novruz flower and rose are in love.

Writing and pronunciation of flowers in Azerbaijani


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