Plants in Azerbaijani

In this lesson we will learn vocabulary on the topic: Plant names in the Azerbaijani language. There is a list of plants in Azerbaijani below. Here you will find common plant names in Azerbaijani. For independent work, we recommend creating your own set of plants in Azerbaijani and adding plants from those countries that you are interested in. Alternatively, these could be countries that you visited during your vacation.

Plant names in Azeri language

Plant names in Azeri language

Botanical topics are not limited to this. In today's lesson, your attention will be presented with a small thematic dictionary on the topic of basic concepts related to the plant names in the Azerbaijani language. In the next lesson, we will talk about the names of flowers in Azerbaijani.

Don't forget to watch the video. An interesting video lesson awaits you, which, perhaps, will arouse your interest in the topic of plant names in the Azerbaijani language. Although I think the priority here is still the second. Here you will find a list of words with translation related to the plants in Azerbaijani.

Some of plants, such as flowers, smell so good that they are used in perfumery, some are used in medicine. Some plants like a tree give us fruits, and some plants give us vegetables. Many animals also eat plants. We can keep ourselves cool in the shade of trees on a hot day. We also use trees for wood, for making paper, build houses and make many other materials. In a word, plants are a very important element in our life, and we often use the words referring to plants. Therefore, while studying the Azerbaijani language, we must learn the words about plants in Azerbaijani.

Names of the plants in the Azerbaijani language

Plants in Azerbaijani

Proverbs about plants in Azerbaijani

"Ağac bar verəndə başını aşağı salar" - The tree bows its head when it bears fruit. (A virtuous, knowledgeable person should not be complacent.)

"Gülü sevən tikanına dözər" - who loves flowers, he endures thorns (Take the bitter with the sweet)

"Ağac kökləri ilə yaşar, insan dostları ilə" - Tree lives with roots, man with friends

"Bülbüldən çox da vəfa ummayın. Çünki hər dəm başqa bir gülün üzərində ötər." - Don't expect too much fidelity from the nightingale. Because at any time he will sing on another flower.

"Otu dart, kökünə bax" - Pull the grass, look at the root (In order to understand what kind of person, his pedigree is also investigated.)

"Balta ağac kəsməzdi, sapı ağac olmasaydı." - The ax would not cut tree, if the handle was not wooden. (The greatest evil for a man comes from his ungrateful relatives.)

Writing and pronunciation of plants in Azerbaijani


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