School supplies in Russian

What was your favorite subject in school? Of course, these questions are extremely easy to answer in your native language. How about speaking about this in Russian? You will find Russian answers to topics such as "Школьные принадлежности на русском языке" - school supplies in Russian in this lesson! Let's take a look at our lesson - Words in Russian about school that we have compiled for you.

school subjects in Russian

Names of school subjects in Russian

In addition to the names of school supplies in Russian, you need to know the names of school subjects in Russian. Today I want to talk about my school subjects. I'll start with my favorite subjects. Mathematics and geometry have always been interesting subjects for me. Working with numbers somehow relaxes me. And of course, I'm very interested in logic as well. When I'm working on a math exercise or a geometry exercise, I feel like I'm working from different perspectives. I should also mention that philosophy classes give the same feeling. In this lesson we will learn some of the names of school subjects in Russian.

In our lesson on the topic of Words about school in Russian along with the school supplies in Russian, you will also learn the names of school subjects in Russian as well as the use of these words in sentences in Russian. Let's list the names of these school supplies in Russian first. In these days when we start the school term, let's practice the Russian words about school and the sentences that can be formed about school supplies in the classroom!

In this video you can learn Russian words on the subject of school supplies. The video includes the spelling and correct pronunciation of words. At the same time, school supplies are also shown as pictures. After the words are given, topic exercises are offered to reinforce what has been learned. You can easily learn these words about the names of school supplies in Russian by watching the video several times. In addition, the table shows the Russian spelling, pronunciation and Turkish equivalents of Russian words about the school in the video, you can examine them.

School supplies in Russian

Words in Russian about school

The structure of the education system in Russia includes general, vocational and additional education. Pre-school education is given by pre-school education institutions. Most often, these are kindergartens and, less often, other educational institutions that organize child care and teach them according to a preschool program.
Compulsory education is divided into primary (first 3 or 4 classes), basic (9 classes) and secondary education (10-11 classes). Compulsory education is taken in general education institutions. Usually this is a school, or high school.
Secondary vocational education aims to train qualified workers, employees and intermediate level specialists. 9 classes of basic or 10-11 classes of secondary education can be taken after compulsory general education.
Higher education in Russia is practiced at three educational levels: bachelor's and specialist degrees, master's programs and training of highly qualified personnel. Education in higher education programs is carried out by academies, universities, institutes and other educational institutions and organizations.

Russian proverbs about school and education

School is an important step in adulthood. At school, the foundations of knowledge are laid, a behavior model is created, and children's socialization takes place. People have always understood how important the impact of school on the younger generation is. Russians have always been a people who have given importance to education. That's why Russian proverbs about school have become part of Russian folklore. The most metaphorical, well-meaning and popular Russian proverbs and sayings about school life can be found in the article.

"Знание — сила." - Knowledge is power.

"Ученье свет, а неученье — тьма." - Learning is light and ignorance is darkness.

"Самая сложная школа — это школа жизни." - The most difficult school is the school of life.

"Ленивый ученик в почете невелик." - A lazy student is not held in high esteem.

"Истинное величие школы невидимо для наших глаз." - The true greatness of the school is invisible to our eyes.

"Ученье лучше богатства." - Education is better than wealth.

"Век живи — век учись." - Live and learn.

"Ученья корень горек, да плод сладок." - The root of education is bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

"Повторение — мать учения." - Repetition is the mother of learning.

"Не научит школа, так научит нужда. " - The school will not teach, so the need will teach.

Writing and pronunciation of school supplies in Russian

[ шк`ола ] School
[ абразав`ан’ий’э ] Education
[ д’ир’`эктар ] Headmaster
[ р’угз`ак ] Backpack
[ м’`эл ] Chalk
[ зван`ок ] Bell
[ л`аст’ик ] Eraser
[ р`уч’ка ] Pen
[ каран’д`аш ] Pencil
[ тач’`илка ] Sharpener
[ п’ин`ал ] Pencil case
[ л’ин’`эй’ка ] Ruler
[ тран’спарт’`ир ] Protractor
[ гл`обус ] Globe
[ к`арта ] Map
[ т’итр`ат’ ] Exercise book
[ уч’`эбн’ик ] Textbook
[ б’иал`ог’ий’а ] Biology
[ х’`им’ий’а ] Chemistry
[ г’иагр`аф’ий’а ] Geography
[ ист`ор’ий’а ] History
[ мат’им`ат’ика ] Math

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