Birds in Turkish

Hello dear readers. We continue to add new useful Turkish words to our vocabulary. And today you will learn the names of the birds in Turkish so that you can feel comfortable and free in conversation with native speakers.

Names of birds in Turkish

Bird names in Turkish

Birds in Turkish is a pretty broad topic, so we have dedicated a separate article to cover it. To quickly and easily learn vocabulary on the topic of birds in Turkish, you need to understand the principle according to which birds are named. Having studied in detail the etymological dictionary (the origin of words), I came to the conclusion that some birds are called based on what sounds they make, and others - according to some characteristics: external or behavior. Considering these factors, the names of birds in Turkish will be very easy to remember.

We all know that birds are our friends and helpers. They bring great benefits to nature, because thanks to them, the population of harmful insects is normal. We offer for study a selection of words that will help you once and for all learn the names of birds in English.

This knowledge about bird names in Turkish will give you the ability to support any conversation and expand your vocabulary. There will be no problems with most of the names of birds, because many English bird names are consonant with Turkish ones, for example, "flamingo" (flamingo) or "pelikan" (pelican). The article of birds in Turkish will be useful for both children and adults learning Turkish.

There are a huge number of bird names in Turkish. However, this article presents only all of the most commonly used types.

To develop animal vocabulary in Turkish, you will have to learn lessons about Domestic animals in Turkish which is in our site and also the names of wild animals in Turkish. Now let's learn the name of the birds in Turkish.

The name of the birds in Turkish

Birds in Turkish

Turkish proverbs about birds

"Kuş beyinli" - Bird brained (Nitwit)

"Kuş kadar canı olmak" - Be like a bird (Be weak)

"Kuş uçmaz kervan geçmez" - The bird does not fly, the caravan does not pass (An abandoned place where no one comes. Outlying)

"Kuş uçurmamak" - Not let the bird to fly. (Do not allow anyone or anything to escape or pass, take strict security measures.)

"Kartala bir ok değmiş, o da kendi yeleğinden" - The eagle was shot with an arrow made of its own feather. (The evil often comes to a person from the closest people.)

"Kartalın beğenmediğini kargalar kapışır." - The crows takes what the eagle does not like. (The things rich people don't like and throw away are valuable goods for the poor.)

"Karga derneği" - Crow association (A collection of vile and stupid people.)

"Kargayı bülbül diye satmak" - Selling the crow as a nightingale. (pass bad for good, deceive.)

"Karga yavrusuna bakmış, "benim ak pak evladım" demiş" - The crow looked at the cub and said: "My pure white child".

"Serçeden korkan darı ekmez" - Who is afraid of the sparrow does not sow millet.

Spelling and pronunciation of the names of birds in Turkish.


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