Marine animals in Turkish

In this lesson we will learn new words on the topic: Sea animals in Turkish.

Names of sea animals in Turkish

In this lesson, we will talk about sea animals in Turkish. In one of our previous lessons, we learned words on the topic of Domestic animals in Turkish. We also already know the names of wild animals in Turkish. Now let's learn marine animals in Turkish.

When learning Turkish, it is extremely important to know the names of marine animals. In Turkish, aquatic animals are called "deniz canıları" (sea animals) or "su hayvanları" (marine animals). In Turkish, animals that can live both in water and on land are called "Amfibi" (amphibians).

Have you ever thought about how you can describe the names of sea animals in Turkish, and had you such a hard time as finding the right and necessary word about marine animals in Turkish? If so, then learning the names of sea animals in Turkish is a great way to add to your existing vocabulary, as well as to actively participate in the conversation when talking about the sea animals in Turkish. If you want to learn the names of sea animals in Turkish or maybe talk about a marine animal such as shark, this lesson will help you learn and remember the names of most important sea animals in Turkish.

Marine animals in Turkish

Sea animals in Turkish

Turkish proverbs about sea animals

"Denizdeki balığın pazarlığı olmaz" - There is no bargaining for the fish in the sea (The meaning of the proverb that the purchase or sale of an object that is not yet available can not be discussed.)

"Balık ağa girdikten sonra aklı başına gelir" - Fish gets smart after hitting the net (After suffering a disaster because of his carelessness and ühen it's too late to change something, a person gets upset about why he didn't do this or that.)

"Balık baştan kokar" - Fish stinks from the head. (Failure in a business or some kind of fault starts with high-ranking people or officials. )

Spelling and pronunciation of the names of sea animals in Turkish.

Sea horse
Sea urchin

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