Color names in Turkish

Today we will learn new words on a vocabulary topic Color names in Turkish. If you decide to learn Turkish language, then in learning new words, one of the important vocabulary topics will be the colors in Turkish. This topic is one of the basic topics that you need to learn first when you learn Turkish language.

Names of the colors in Turkish

It is extremely effective when learning the Turkish language to memorize 10-20 words and phrases daily. It is desirable that the words relate to the same topic, although this is not necessary. It is better to learn words in Turkish immediately in stable expressions. There will come a time when suitable expressions will start to pop up in memory just when needed. "You don’t learn new words = you don’t learn a language", I suggest taking this as a given and not experiencing negative emotions about this. In addition, when you know some rules, learning words becomes fast and efficient.

Constant communication with native speakers destroys the language barrier. Only the experience of live communication allows you to break the language barrier. Where can I find native Turkish speakers? Do you know foreigners? Fine. If not, then you can meet interesting people in social networks, at international professional Internet forums and in other projects. Modern technologies allow not only to correspond, but also to talk live via Skype and other communication programs. In addition, in this way you can find friends in the intended country of study, this is just a good experience in developing your communication skills.

Of course there are a lot of colors. In addition, there are many shades of these colors in Turkish. But we do not need to know all the names of colors in Turkish, at least at the initial stage of learning the Turkish language. Knowing the names of colors in Turkish is important because almost in everyday conversation we use color names a lot when we talk about or describe some things and objects. As we said earlier, we do not need to know all the colours in Turkish. In the first stage of learning the Turkish language, it is enough for us to know the basic colours in Turkish. When expressing colors in Turkish as reddish, greenish, etc. we add the suffix "-ımsı" or "-imsi" at the end of the name of color: "Kırmızımsı", "Yeşilimsi" and etc.

Names of the colors in Turkish

Colors in Turkish

Turkish proverbs about colors

"Köre renkten bahsolunmaz" - Don't talk about color to the blind. (Do not talk to people about things in which they do not understand.)

"Para peşin, kırmızı meşin" - money in advance, red leather (The meaning of the proverb: All work must be paid promptly.)

"İneğin sarısı, toprağın karası" - The yellow of the cow, the black of the earth (Among the farmers, the yellow of the cow and the black color of the soil are preferred.)

"Ak koyunun kara kuzusu da olur" - The white sheep may also have black lamb ("Ak" means "white" in Turkish .) (A good family can have a bad child.)

"Al gömlek gizlenmez" - Red shirt can not hidden ("Al" means "red" in Turkish .) (Some bad things cannot be hidden.)

"Al elmaya taş atan çok olur" - There are many who throw stones at red apples (There are many who taunt valuable people.)

Spelling and pronunciation of colours in Turkish.


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