Plants in Turkish

For learning Turkish, general vocabulary is one of the important sections. General vocabulary contains common words that we can use in everyday life. Plants in Turkish are part of the vocabulary of words used in everyday life. If you are interested in learning plant names in Turkish, this lesson will help you learn all plants in Turkish. Plants in Turkish are used in everyday conversations, so it is very important to learn all the plant names in Turkish.

Names of plants in Turkish

The flora of Turkey differs in many ways from ours. Among the plants there are those that are used as medicinal. In Turkey it is very easy to find such medicinal plants in a huge variety. In Turkey, folk treatment with the help of plants is very developed. In Turkey, such plants are sold not only in pharmacies, but for this there are special shops called " baharatçı ". Almost all medicinal herbs grow on the rich and fertile Turkish lands, many of them even surpass the usual American and European medicinal plants in composition and quality. In the next lessons we will learn the names of medicinal plants in Turkish. But in this lesson, we will learn common words about the topic of plants in Turkish.

In this lesson, we will look at the names of plants in Turkish. Each nation has its own culture, an integral part of which is its language. Learning how the names of plants in Turkish sound, we expand our horizons and learn something new. And in the next lesson we will learn words on the topic: flowers in Turkish.

Names of the plants in Turkish

Plants in Turkish

It's no secret that Turkish tourism industry employees are not bad at understanding our tourists, and without any difficulty they can maintain a simple conversation in English. And we are no worse than the Turks, and in quite a short time we can learn not only words on the topic of a plants in Turkish, but also on other topics.

Proverbs about plants in Turkish

"Ağaç olmak" - become a tree ( Wait standing for a long time in one place. )

"Ot yemek" - eat grass (Drug use.)

"Ağaç, meyvesi olunca başını aşağı salar" - The tree bows its head when it bears fruit. (A virtuous, knowledgeable person should not be complacent.)

"Otu çek, köküne bak" - Pull the grass, look at the root (In order to understand what kind of person, his pedigree is also investigated.)

"Ağaç yaprağıyla gürler" - The tree roars with its leaves (People are strong only when they are with their family, friends and supporters. )

"Çalı taşlamak" - throw stones at bushes (Ask indirect questions or do research to find out if something has ulterior motives.)

"Ağaca balta vurmuşlar "sapı bedenimden" demiş" - They hit the tree with an axe and the tree said: "the handle was made from my body" (The greatest evil for a man comes from his ungrateful relatives.)

"Yiğidim yiğit olsunda, yerim çalı dibi olsun" - Let my brave be a brave man, let my place be even under a bush (A woman prefers her husband or loved one to be good, courageous, fulfilling his duties and honest. Even if their welfare is low)

"Her çiçek koklanmaz" - You can't smell every flower (Don't mess with each beauty.)

"Mantar gibi bitmek" - grow like mushrooms (appear without knowing where)

"Gülü seven dikenine katlanır" - who loves flowers, he endures thorns (Take the bitter with the sweet)

Spelling and pronunciation of plants in Turkish.


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