Vegetables in Turkish

In this lesson we will learn new words on the topic: The names of vegetables in Turkish.

The Turkish names of vegetables

When foreigners ask us to tell about our country, we usually talk about our national cuisine. Of course, in such a situation, we cannot speak about it in Turkish without knowing the names of fruits, berries and vegetables. In the last lesson, we already learned the names of fruits in Turkish. In this lesson, we will learn the Names of Vegetables in Turkish. So, it's time to learn how to name vegetables in Turkish, so that after learning Turkish words about the names of vegetables, you can easily talk with foreigners about your favorite dishes.

One of the easiest ways to memorize and learn new words in Turkish is to group words by topic. In Turkish, vegetables are a useful topic because in our daily life we come across vegetables. We buy in the store, prepare food from them, grow them in the garden, and so on. Even if you know the names of some vegetables in Turkish, you can easily communicate about vegetables in Turkish.

In addition, knowing the names of vegetables in Turkish can come in handy when traveling in Turkey, or ordering food in a cafe or Turkish restaurant, or when communicating with strangers from Turkey. Leading a foreign guest to a restaurant, he will certainly be interested in the national cuisine. Therefore, when talking with Turkish foreigners about national dishes, you cannot explain anything to them without knowing the Turkish names of vegetables.

the Turkish names of vegetables

Names of vegetables in Turkish

If you want to teach a child the Turkish language or read Turkish recipes, also watch Turkish-language culinary programs, then this lesson on the topic of the names of vegetables in Turkish will be useful to you.

When we speak Turkish, we often use the names of different vegetables, fruits and berries. Turkish-speaking people even use several Turkish proverbs or phrases with the names of these vegetables in conversation. I think it is a good idea to know such Turkish proverbs or phrases in Turkish so that you can understand what it is talking about.

Proverbs on the subject of vegetables in Turkish.

"Soğan acısını yiyen bilmez, doğrayan bilir." - Onion bitterness is known to the one who cleaned, and not the one who ate. (The meaning of the proverb that - The person who does the job, not the one who sees it, understands the complexity of the job.)

"Eğer hayallerinin peşinden gitmezsen, bir sebzeden farkın kalmaz." - If you don't follow your dreams, you're no better than a vegetable.

"Meyve ve sebze vücudun en büyük sağlık deposudur." - Fruits and vegetables are the body's biggest health store.

"Soğan kederi" - Onion grief (The meaning of this saying - unlucky, clumsy person, idiot)

Spelling and pronunciation of vegetable names in Turkish.


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