Fruits in Turkish

In this lesson we will learn new words on the topic: Names of fruits in Turkish.

What are the names of fruits in Turkish?

When learning a language, we start with the basic levels by dividing it into stages, and as we progress, we move up to the higher levels and gradually develop. There are countless methods we use to learn a language, and these methods can vary from student to student. Just as not every student has the same ability to comprehend, the methods of learning a language may not be the same. Therefore, when learning a language, each person chooses ways that are easier for him to understand.

There are certain topics that are taken for the beginner level in learning Turkish, as in many teaching methods. Taking into account the level of complexity of words, we will determine at what stage we will learn them. We will try to learn them all step by step. We will start learning words in Turkish with words related to A1 level and talk about words that we can use in our daily life and in our professional life. We'll cover a wide variety of topics, from simple topics that anyone who learns Turkish should learn early on, to complex words that are important to learning Turkish at an academic level. Because the main topics in learning Turkish are words that we can often use in everyday life, that is, words that are very actively used. Therefore, let's start learning words with the topic Fruits in Turkish.

We all love delicious fruits. What are the names of fruits in Turkish? Let's start learning!

Fruits in Turkish

Names of fruits in Turkish

Proverbs on the subject of fruits in Turkish.

"Ağaç yeşert meyve getirsin, oğlan büyüt ekmek getirsin" - Let the tree grow and bring fruit, let the boy grow and bring bread (The meaning of the proverb that - A son is like a tree that bears fruit, he will lighten the burden of the household when the day comes.)

"Al elmaya taş atan çok olur" - There are many who throw stones at the red apple. ( The meaning of the proverb that - People will speak ill off to the successful ones.)

"Armudun iyisini ayılar yer" - Bears eat the best of the pear. (It is a word used for those who get their hands on something beautiful that does not suit them.)

"Bir koltuğa iki karpuz sığmaz" - Two watermelons can't fit in one armpit (The meaning of the proverb that - At the same time, dealing with more than one job is inconvenient for success.)

"Baba erik yer, oğlunun dişi kamaşır" - Father eats apricot, his son's tooth dazzles (The meaning of the proverb that - The child suffers from the bad work of the father.)

"Kavun kökeninde büyür" - Melon grows at the root (The meaning of the proverb that - A child grows up and develops in the home of his parents, in the environment where everyone was born and raised.)

Spelling and pronunciation of fruit names in Turkish.


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