Russian words on the topic of home

With the Russian vocabulary learning exercises in our lessons, you can increase your Russian vocabulary effectively. Learning Russian for beginners usually takes time and you need to be patient with yourself. Using can speed up your Russian vocabulary learning process and help you reach your goals faster than you think. There are online learning opportunities that are particularly suitable for beginners. This lesson will be Russian words on the topic of home. Beginners will be able to find a suitable time to learn new Russian words or expressions on their own using and plan their lessons on your own time.

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Russian vocabulary about items in the home

Today I want to devote a lesson on such an important topic that is often mentioned in conversations - Household items in Russian. At the same time, if you want to write a description of the house or room in Russian then you will need to learn Russian vocabulary about items in the home as well as Russian for furniture. Russian words for home for beginners contain the most common words for home in Russian, which you need to know at a beginner level. We will analyze the household appliances and each room in the house with Russian translation.

On this site you will find almost everything you need to learn Russian vocabulary without leaving your home. Now the Russian language has become much closer to you, because you no longer have to navigate dozens of sites in search of the necessary material, everything is on this site, and what is not, will be soon! All lessons and materials for learning Russian offered on this site are free.

Objects and parts of the house in Russian

Household items in Russian

Russian proverbs about home

"В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше." - Being a guest is good, but being at home is better.

"А домик-то хоть гнилой, а свой." - The house is at least rotten, but its own.

"Дома не в гостях: посидев, не уйдешь." - You are not a guest at home: once you are seated, you cannot leave. ( This proverb teaches us that there is always work to be done in your home. At a party or in guest, a person can sit, relax, have fun and leave, but at home you can not leave the daily chores. )

"Всякий дом хозяином держится" - Every house is kept by the owner ( The meaning of the proverb is that any house needs an owner, because without the owner there will be neither harmony nor order in the house. What kind of a house will be depends on what kind of person lives in the house. )

"Новая метла чисто метет" - The new broom sweeps clean ( The newly appointed person, as a rule, tries with all his might, as he tries to prove himself. )

Russian spelling and pronunciation of words about home

[ д`ом ] House
[ дв’`эр’ ] Door
[ вар`ота ] Gate
[ ст’ина ] Wall
[ заб`ор ] Fence
[ дымах`от ] Chimney
[ акн`о ] Window
[ кал`од’иц ] Well
[ ч’`уч’ила ] Scarecrow
[ в`анай’а ] Bathroom
[ д`уш ] Shower
[ в`ана ] Tub
[ туал’`эт ] Toilet
[ палат’`энцэ ] Towel
[ сп`ал’най’а ] Bedroom
[ св’ит’`ил’н’ик ] Lamp
[ матр`ас ] Mattress
[ ад’ий’ала ] Blanket
[ пад`ушка ] Pillow
[ к`овр’ик ] Rug
[ гаст’`инай’а ] Living room
[ д’ив`ан ] Couch
[ кав’`эр ] Carpet
[ л’`устра ] Chandelier
[ т’ил’ив’`изар ] TV
[ з`анав’ис ] Curtain
[ кам’`ин ] Fireplace
[ ск`ат’ирт’ ] Tablecloth
[ м’итла ] Süpürge

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