Turkish vocabulary for furniture

In this lesson, we will learn or review the Turkish vocabulary for furniture. Then we will watch a video to focus on furniture Turkish. Finally, at the end, we will practice the pronunciation of words on the subject of furniture in Turkish furniture in Turkish. The lesson begins with images to activate prior knowledge of contextual vocabulary. The next step is to match the pictures with the words. Then practice your vocabulary by highlighting and refining.

Pieces of furniture in Turkish

Pieces of furniture in Turkish

The purpose of this lesson is to learn vocabulary about pieces of furniture in Turkish. This free online Turkish course will teach you useful words and phrases to describe pieces of furniture in Turkish. This series of courses uses simple and clear examples to speed up your Turkish language learning. It can be confusing if you don't know the words used for pieces of furniture in Turkish. Our site will help you learn names of furniture in Turkish with the help of the video above and then you can test yourself with the pronunciation.

Pieces of furniture in Turkish

Furniture in Turkish

Turkish proverbs about furniture

"Dünyanın boş, ölümün hak olduğunu, karşındaki sandalye boş kalınca anlarsın." - You will understand that the world is empty and death for all when the chair in front of you will be empty.

"Masası düzenli olanın hayatı da planlı olur." - The life of a person whose desk is tidy will also be planned.

"Hastaya yatak sorulmaz" - The patient is not asked to lie down. (A person is not asked if he needs what he badly needs.)

"dolaba girmek" - get into the closet ( be deceived )

"dolap çevirmek" - turn the closet ( deceive )

"Bir sandalye çektim zor günlerin altına." - I pulled a chair under the hard days.

"Kendini dev aynasında görmek" - Seeing himself in the giant mirror ( overestimate yourself )

"dolap beygiri gibi dönüp dolaşmak" - go around like a closet horse ( always do the same job in a narrow environment. )

"Körler mahallesinde ayna satmak" - Selling mirrors in the neighborhood of the blind. ( take something into the environment that won't need it. )

Spelling and pronunciation of furniture in Turkish

Bunk bed

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