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Knowing a few basic Turkish words and expressions will not only please the locals, but will also come in handy during your stay. Turks will do their best to help you, but not all Turks speak English. Most restaurants have menus in both Turkish and English, but especially at eateries, translations can be far from perfect. Modern Turkish is spoken by more than 88 million people worldwide, but the origins of this ancient language are shrouded in mystery. Early specimens dating back to the 7th century have been found in vast regions, from Mongolia to Anatolia, from the Balkans and Eastern Europe to North Africa. Steeped in history, here are some Turkish words that will help you the most when traveling. So let's learn Turkish words for home.

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No matter what home means to you, there is undoubtedly something nostalgic about the place we call home. In this lesson we are going to learn Turkish words on the topic of home. The word used as " eb " in Old Turkic later became " ev " ( house ) after changing the letter b to v. " Konak " are called mansions. The houses where the ruler and important people in the government after the ruler or president live are called " saray " ( palace ). The term " ev " is mainly used for buildings smaller than a mansion, larger than a single family hut. All kinds of buildings, including houses in which people live, are called " mesken " ( dwellings ).

Houses are divided into classes such as " köy evi " ( village house ) and " şehir evi " ( city houses ). Those on the shore are called " yalıev " or simply " yalı ". Every nation has its own type of house. House types vary by nationality in terms of architecture. This difference includes both the natural conditions of the peoples on whose territory they live, and the architectural culture and character traits. Undoubtedly, the way of life of peoples influences the construction of houses. The Turkish house has a separate section for guests and a separate section for household members. In fact, there are sections that have separate responsibilities depending on usage. There is a separate room for sitting, sleeping, eating, and they are also used separately for their intended purpose. Many peoples have this type of house, albeit in different forms. But in a Japanese home, this is not the case. From one room to another you can go through sliding doors. These rooms are not used for individual needs, but each room is used as living, sleeping and dining room. The Turkish word - " evlenmek " ( to marry ) comes from the root of the word " ev ". Since the verb " evlenmek " is a synonym for another word in Turkish - " yuva kurmak " ( to create a nest (family) ).

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"Ev alma komşu al" - Do not buy house, buy a neighboor (Neighbors are people who will share the happy and sad events of a person or family. The better the neighbors. If the neighbours are bad and incompetent, it is impossible to live comfortably and calmly, even if the house is as beautiful as you want.)

"Ev sahibi mülk sahibi, hani bunun ilk sahibi?" - Home owner, estate owner, and where is the initial owner of this? (In this world, those who boast of acquiring wealth, money, and fame are deceived. Looking at the gravestones, you can see that the rich, famous and beautiful are no longer there. It is not good to brag about your wealth, money or beauty. All this is temporary. Good deeds and won hearts - that is important. )

"Ev alanla evlenene Tanrı yardım eder" - God helps the one who buys a house and who creates a family (Buying a house and getting married are sacred things. By the command of God, those around them help these people and do not let them suffer.)

"Ev yıkanın evi olmaz" - The one who destroys someone else's house will not have a home ( Sooner or later, evil will befall those who harm others, especially those who destroy their homes.)

"Ev açmak" - to open house ( move to another house, move to a new house )

"Kırk evin kedisi" - cat of forty house (a person who visits many houses.)

"Ev bozmak" - break the house ( to quarrel husband and wife )

"Tok evin aç kedisi" - hungry cat of rich home ( One who is greedy without need. )

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