Kitchenware in Turkish

When learning a foreign language, we first start with simple dialogues such as getting to know each other. However, you need to develop dialogues that you can easily carry on in a short time. To continue the conversation, you can talk about your food culture, you can even talk about how food is prepared in your own culture, or even better, you can cook something yourself. So, by learning kitchen utensils and appliances in Turkish, you will be able to strike up a deep conversation and lay the foundation for close friendships. Otherwise, you will not be able to continue the conversation after meeting with a stranger. So our today's lesson is devoted to the topic of kitchenware in Turkish.

Kitchen utensils in Turkish

They say working in the kitchen is thankless. And I think this is rightly said, because we spend most of the day in the kitchen when we cook breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, tea. In carrying out all these works, we take out a mountain of dishes, use a large number of tools and equipment. If we try to cook even pasta, which we call the easiest meal, we use many things like, saucepan, strainer, spoon, knife, fork, plate and many other kitchen utensils. For this reason, classifying the words we want to learn about kitchen utensils in Turkish will make our work easier.

It is important that you know the names of the tools, appliances and kitchen utensils in Turkish that you will use when preparing delicious food, then when setting the table and serving food. You will ask why? Imagine that you came to dine on a business trip abroad and were not given a fork during the meal. In such a case, trying to speak body language in various forms to ask for a simple fork, or trying to show what you want by touching someone else's fork, can spoil the atmosphere of your decent surroundings. You better not harm your charisma and learn Turkish words about kitchen.

Your biggest helpers in the kitchen are small electrical appliances. Thanks to its functions, it keeps your food intact, cooks it and makes your work easier in processes such as slicing and chopping. Turkish words on the topic of kitchen utensils and their translation into English are given below.

Turkish words about kitchen

Kitchen utensils in Turkish

Some kitchen tools and utensils seem so unnecessary at first. But when you use it, you will be surprised how much easier it will make your job. Below you can see the Turkish spellings of some of the tools and utensils that will help you prepare delicious meals.

Learning Turkish language is not just about knowing certain patterns. Yes, of course, learning the topic of kitchen utensils in Turkish, as well as the names of kitchen tools and equipment in Turkish, will greatly improve your knowledge of a Turkish language, but this is not enough. You need to be able to prove yourself in all areas of life, from sports to nutrition, from cuisine to space sciences. The best thing you can do to have a good vocabulary and grammar and speak clear and fluent Turkish is to watch all of our lessons posted on our website. With you can practice online communication with teachers whose native language is Turkish, adjust class hours or even choose your own teacher.

Turkish proverbs about kitchen

"El kazanı ile aş kaynatılmaz." - You can not cook pilaf with a pot of the people ( strangers ). ( It is not always good to do something or achieve something with the support of someone else. A person must achieve goals by his own efforts. )

"Çatal kazık" - fork stake ( Confusion with uncertain outcome. )

"Çatal kazık yere çakılmaz" - fork stake can not stick on the ground ( A case in which more than one person has the right to lead or dominate will not work. )

"Tencere dibin kara, seninki benden kara" - Frying pan your bottom is black, yours is blacker than me. ( ТYou look for a flaw in me, but you are worse than me. )

"Kaşığını yanında taşımak" - Carry spoon ( be a glutton )

"Tencere yuvarlamış kapağını bulmuş" - Rolled the pot, found the lid ( Two people came together, similar to each other in some undesirable quality. )

"Kaşıkla toplayıp kepçeyle dağıtmak" - Scooping with a spoon and scattering with a ladle ( Spend rashly, earned in very difficult conditions. )

"Kaşıkla yedirip sapıyla gözünü çıkartmak" - Feeding with a spoon and removing the eye with the handle ( Do good on one side and harm on the other )

"Bardağı taşıran son damla" - the last straw ( An act, event, or word that goes too far and exhausts patience. )

"Fırıncının çocuğu aç dolaşırmış" - The baker's boy was hungry ( For some reason, people cannot enjoy the benefits of the professions they are engaged in, and do not apply them to themselves. This reluctance causes them to have shortcomings in this matter. However, since these people do not pay for these shortcomings and always have them with them, they do not appreciate it, unless it is absolutely necessary. )

"Aç it fırın duvarını deler" - A hungry dog will break through the wall of the stove. ( A hungry person overcomes all obstacles in his path in order to fill his stomach or get what he wants. )

"Bir fincan kahvenin kırk yıl hatırı olur" - A cup of coffee will be remembered for forty years ( Even the smallest kindness must not be forgotten.)

Pronunciation of the names of kitchen utensils in Turkish

Microwave oven
Milk pot
Sugar pot
Salt cellar

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