Birds in Russian

In this lesson we will learn new words on the topic: Birds in Russian.

Names of birds in Russian

Names of birds in Russian

In this lesson we will learn new words about names of birds in Russian. In the last lesson we learned The names of marine animals in Russian. Of course, in order to expand our vocabulary in Russian about wildlife, we also need to know the names of birds in Russian.

Learning Russian as a second language, one of the difficulties which I had expanding my Russian vocabulary was words related to the animal world. Perhaps maybe city dwellers do not encounter all of them on a daily basis, and because of it words related to flora and fauna are topics that are left out or postponed in the study new words in Russian. Therefore, in order to correct this shortcoming, I grouped the words related to the animal world in Russian and divided them into several lessons. If you are interested in learning words about the animal world in Russian, then you can also consider the lesson on theme of The names of wild animals in Russian. We also have a lesson on theme of Domestic animals in Russian on our website.

Birds are everywhere you look. Cheerful chirping in the morning and nesting habits in the spring are some of our favorite things about birds. Teaching your child bird names in Russian can be a lot of fun for them. Children love to explore the world around them. Most likely, they see many different birds around them, and of course they will enjoy saying the names of the birds in Russian. Start with the birds that live around you. Children are very excited when they see any animal, so the next time you see a bird outside your window or on your daily walk, show it to your child and teach him the name of that bird in Russian. Learn the names of the birds you meet in Russian and say the names of the birds when you see them around you. This will be very useful in teaching Russian to your children.

The names of birds in Russian

Birds in Russian

Proverbs related to birds in Russian

"Не учи орла летать, а соловья петь." - Do not teach the eagle to fly, and the nightingale to sing.

"Орел хоть и страшен, но остается птицей." - The eagle is scary, but remains a bird.

"Журавль летает высоко, да видит далеко." - The crane flies high, and sees far away.

"Ворон ворону глаз не выклюет." - A crow will not peck out a crow's eyes.

Spelling and pronunciation the names of birds in Russian.

[ пт’`ица ] Bird
[ вараб’`эй’ ] Sparrow
[ жур`авл’ ] Crane
[ д’`ат’ил ] Woodpecker
[ вар`она ] Crow
[ л’`эб’ит’ ] Swan
[ ар’`ол ] Eagle
[ л`астач’ка ] Swallow
[ с`окал ] Falcon
[ `аист ] Stork
[ флам’`инга ] Flamingo
[ п’`эр’ип’eл ] Quail
[ ч’`ай’ка ] Gull
[ г`олуп’ ] Pigeon
[ ц`апл’а ] Heron
[ п’ингв’`ин ] Penguen
[ салав’`эй’ ] Nightingale
[ п’ил’ик`ан ] Pelican
[ стр`аус ] Ostrich
[ павл’`ин ] Peacock
[ сава ] Owl
[ папуг`ай’ ] Parrot

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