Sea animals in Russian

In this lesson we will learn new words on the topic: Sea animals in Russian.

Sea animals in Russian

Names of sea animals in Russian

In this lesson, we have prepared a lesson about sea animals in Russian. In the previous lessons we've already learned The names of domestic animals in Russian and Wild animals in Russian also. Of course, in order to expand our vocabulary in Russian about animals, we also need to know the names of sea animals in Russian.

Most of you probably know how Russians love fishing. Fishing is a special event for Russians and a favorite pastime accompanied by ceremonial preparations. Some fishing activities can even turn into a long trip. So, if your interlocutor is Russian, then you can talk to him for hours about fishing and sea animals, and your Russian interlocutor will never get tired of this conversation. Of course, for this you need to know the names of sea animals in Russian. By the end of this lesson, you will have learned the names of marine animals in Russian.

Marine animals in Russian

Sea animals in Russian

Proverbs related to sea animals in Russian

"Бьётся, как рыба об лёд." - Beats like a fish on ice. ( This phraseological combination is used for someone looking for a way out of a difficult situation. It is an expression taken by fishermen. Fish caught in the winter, beats to survive on the ice, but all efforts are in vain.)

"Рыба с головы гниет." - The fish rots from the head. (It means that if something is wrong with some company or organization, country etc, the reason for it is that "the head" i.e. management, government etc is bad or corrupt, and all the rest is just the result of it.)

"Не учи рыбу плавать." - Don't teach fish to swim.

"Всякая рыба хороша, коли на уху пошла." - This proverb literally means that if the fish which spoken about can be cooked "уха", and, of course, if it can be eaten, it is a good fish. However, the figurative meaning of the proverb is even more important: if any object can be used for its intended purpose, then it cannot be bad. When this expression is applied to a person: if somebody has done his work, then he is a master of his work.

"На всякую рыбу едок найдется." - There is an eater for every fish.

"На безрыбье и рак рыба." - For fishlessness even a crayfish is a fish. (expression used to express that something is better than nothing.)

"Чтобы рыбку съесть, надо в воду лезть." - To eat a fish, you have to go into the water. (An expression used to say that you need to work to get something.)

Spelling and pronunciation of marine animals in Russian.

[ р`ыба ] Fish
[ ак`ула ] Shark
[ к’`ит ] Whale
[ д’ил’ф’`ин ] Dolphin
[ т’ул’`эн’ ] Seal
[ м`орш ] Walrus
[ ламан’т’`ин ] Manatee
[ кас`атка ] Orca
[ м’`эч’ р`ыба ] Swordfish
[ нарв`ал ] Narwhal
[ ск`ат ] Stingray
[ ас’м’ин`ок ] Octopus
[ кал’м`ар ] Squid
[ карак`ат’ица ] Cuttlefish
[ м’ид`уза ] Jellyfish
[ кр`ап ] Crab
[ р`ак ] Crayfish
[ ам`ар ] Lobster
[ кр’ив’`этка ] Shrimp
[ с’`эл’т’ ] Herring
[ лас`ос’ ] Salmon
[ к`арп ] Carp
[ ас’итр’`ина ] Sturgeon
[ фар’`эл’ ] Trout
[ с`ом ] Catfish
[ к`амбала ] Flounder
[ ск`умбр’ий’а ] Mackerel
[ щ’`ука ] Pike
[ шпр`от ] Sprat
[ сард’`ина ] Sardine
[ `окун’ ] Perch
[ л’`эщ’ ] Bream
[ `угар’ ] Eel
[ крыл`атка ] Lionfish
[ `утканoс ] Platypus
[ марск`ой’ кан’`ок ] Sea horse
[ `устр’ица ] Oyster
[ марск`ой’ й’ош ] Sea urchin
[ марск`ай’а зв’изда ] Starfish
[ рак`ушка ] Shell
[ кар`ал ] Coral
[ `акт’ин’ии ] Sea anemone
[ в`одарасл’и ] Seaweed
[ икра ] Caviar

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